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Exclusive items

The Imports range is one of the major points differentiating Spinneys among other retailers in the region, and has successfully positioned itself as a need to most customers. The essentials and tastes of our clients are constantly met by the brands and products sourced from all over the globe. 

The Imports range covers a wide selection of Epicerie Fine, bio, organic and gluten free products, in addition to alcohol and beverages, chilled, frozen, pet food and non-food and general merchandise products.

Spinneys can, at any rate, satisfy your appetite by importing products from any country you come from. With its wide range of international and ethnic products, Spinneys makes you feel at home. Enjoy the products you are familiar with, accessible only at Spinneys while you are visiting Lebanon.

Experience the great tastes and pleasures of your all-time favorite products brought to Lebanon especially by Spinneys! Customers get 1 extra point for every 1500L.L spent on any Tesco, Auchan, Spinneys Private Label products.
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