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Spinneys Online Delivery Terms & Conditions

  • Please note that the prices mentioned on this website are guide prices only.
  • The actual price you pay is the price charged on the selected delivery date at our Hazmieh store when your order is put together for delivery.
  • The prices of some products may vary in the market from day to another.
  • Your Personal Shopper may weigh items like fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, cheese… and this means that the price will vary slightly (+ or -) depending on the picked products.
  • Some items in your order may not be available at the time of picking, in this case our Personal Shopper will be informing you over the phone and therefore you may decide to replace them.
  • All the listed prices include VAT.
  • Payment on delivery can be either cash or credit/debit cards (Cheques are not accepted).
  • The loyalty points mentioned are based on the Classic Loyalty program (10 points for every 15,000LL spent), if you belong to any other loyalty scheme such as Gold, Corporate, Gold Corporate, IO…. your entitled points will be mentioned on your receipt delivered with the products.
  • When your order is delivered you can still do an exchange or refund at any Spinneys store within 30 days. Fresh food products will be exchanged or refunded within 48 hours from delivery date. The exchanged or refunded item should be in good condition, not already used and in its original packaging.
  • If you are ordering a gift card from outside Lebanon, only credit/debit cards issued from these countries/groups are accepted: Arab Countries, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Great Britain.
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